Pineleaf Studio AS
Based in Trondheim, Norway
Press / Business contact
Pineleaf Studio AS
Munkegata 58
7011 Trondheim
P: (+47) 948 98 655

Welcome to DwarfHeim

Brand new spin on the strategy genre. Players cooperate in teams of 4 to build, defend and manage a vibrant dwarven city, while under constant threat from deadly trolls and other players. In traditional strategy-games you would control every aspect of your civilization yourself. DwarfHeim changes this well known formula to give the players something truly unique, by assigning each player to different roles. Each role has different responsibilities, all of them essential for success. To claim victory the players must learn to cooperate in order to survive and defeat their enemies.

Our story

It all started in 2014, when Co-Founder Anders Ottesen participated in the Norwegian Game Awards kickoff. With him, he had a napkin with a crudely drawn concept, and he was looking for people who wanted to develop this concept alongside him. After a night of networking, he had the names of seven interested people. One week later they had their first meeting, which formed the start of the game-project DwarfHeim. Six out of the original seven people are still working in Pineleaf AS today.

Pineleaf Studio

Pineleaf Studio was founded in 2015 and is a game development company based in Trondheim, Norway. Pineleaf Studio’s chief motivation has always been to have employees that are 100% invested in the games they are making, while also being experts in their field. This has resulted in a plethora of unique skillsets and personalities roaming the offices. As of today, the Pineleaf team includes 16 people, all highly motivated to make the best games they possibly can.