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Pineleaf is a game development studio in Trondheim, Norway that is dedicated to creating new gameplay experiences together with an active community of players.

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DwarfHeim is a competitive real-time strategy and city builder game. 1-4 players build, manage and defend a Dwarven city against the constant threat of feral trolls and rivalling dwarven clans, which can be another online team of 4 players. DwarfHeim is the first RTS game of its kind and features co-op multiplayer gameplay; you and your team must work together using different classes and abilities to gather resources, expand and defend your city. 

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In 2016, Dwarfheim, won Concept of the Year at the Norwegian Game Awards. With this acclaim clutched in our arms, we ran full speed ahead to pursue our dream of developing Dwarfheim and founded our game studio, Pineleaf. Since then we have been adding employees and skills that were needed to build an outstanding team that we’re very proud of. Since our first day it has been important for us to build a community and build Dwarfheim using that community actively and with all our love and respect. Pineleaf seeks to be a technology and games studio, poised to change the games industry in Norway and the world. 



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