Two thousand years ago, a torrent of unfortunate events happened upon DwarfHeim; the biggest mountain in all of Agartha and the ancestral home of the dwarves. This resulted in the cataclysmic collapse of the mountain, now vanished from the surface of the world. As the story slowly faded into myth, many theories blossomed regarding the once monumental home of the dwarves. Some blamed the trolls, some blamed the other dwarven clans.

Regardless of where the blame lay, all classes admitted utter defeat. Homeless and bloodied, they set out to find a new place in the world. Far from their home, and even further from each other.

Now, it rests on you to reunite the clans and bring honor back to the dwarven race. The path to Dwarfheim is slowly revealing itself. Will you follow it?


In DwarfHeim, you play as one of four classes. Each offer a unique and fun gameplay experience and will take time to master. If you like traditional RTS games, the Builder or the Warrior offer an experince that harkens back to the classic days of Age of Empires, Starcraft and Warcraft. The Builder is tasked with constructing the city and managing upkeep and technology. The warrior will go about the map slaying trolls and looking for the enemy, while guarding the base, of course.

The miner has a more complex job. Tasked with supplying the town with minerals and resources, they rely on an intricate web of rails and machinery to crush, smelt and refine everything they extract from the underworld. The Diplomat is all about mischief and spycraft. Sometimes described as a ‘DPS class’, they sabotage their enemies while keeping close tabs on their whereabouts.

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